KitKats part 2

Today we arrived in Kyoto, and I found a few other flavors of KitKat to try Рmore variations on green tea.

This third one may not qualify as¬†another flavor. From the picture on the package, it looked like it might be green tea on the outside and chocolate on the inside. But I tried it and that doesn’t seem to be the case. The inside filling isn’t green, but it also isn’t chocolate. Maybe this one is Matcha + Hojicha!

I also got a small box of the Premium Mint ones so I can try it and (maybe) leave the larger bag of them intact until I get home.


Small package of Premium Mint. A friend observed that in Japan “mint” is represented by a bluer green than in the US. We’re guessing this is to help distinguish it from green tea.


A popular topic of conversation among my co-workers, in the days leading up to my trip, was interesting Japanese KitKat flavors. I promised to bring some back with me when I return. Here are the flavors I’ve found so far:


I’m particularly excited about the green tea and the mint ones because a lot of the special flavors are white chocolate and tend to be a little too sweet. These two both have flavor between the layers, but chocolate on the outside. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’m looking forward to it!