Getting around like a local

We made it to Japan! Then we spent over an hour going through immigration & customs, picking up our rented pocket WiFi and phone, and figuring out the trains.


I love visiting places that have great public transportation. I like it even better when I get a card or pass that lets me use it the way regular people do. Jason and I got these Suica cards. You pre-load it with some amount and then you can use it to pay for all the different trains and buses in Tokyo. And you can also use it to buy things from vending machines and apparently even some convenience stores.

However, we’re so exhausted that we already missed two opportunities to use them, opting to pay with cash instead. Tomorrow we’ll remember, I hope.

2 thoughts on “Getting around like a local

  1. Do you have any deets in the portable wifi and phone? Where can you pick those up and how much does it cost?


    • I probably wouldn’t bother with the rented phone next time, since we didn’t end up using it very much and probably could have gotten along fine without it. The Pocket Wifi on the other hand was INCREDIBLY useful. But the phone also didn’t cost very much, so if it makes you feel better to have it, it’s worth it.

      We rented the Pocket Wifi from this company:
      And the phone from this company:

      More details about both of them – as well as a bunch of post-trip reflections on what was useful to bring and what wasn’t – are in my last post: Packing for a trip to Japan


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