May 31 (Day 3): Some Highlights

IMG_8223cLet’s see if we can get caught up a little. Here are some of the things we did today:

  • Went to Dominique Ansel Bakery for cronuts and brunch. We wanted to make sure to try the May flavor (Matcha ganache and cherry jam cronut), and today was the last day.
  • Went to a cat cafe called MoCha that Jason had spotted in Harajuku on Sunday. He did some research and this seems like a pretty good one (no shady practices like drugging the cats, or putting crazy restrictions on the experience).
  • Walked through Yoyogi Park, where we stopped to smell the roses in a rose garden, and saw lots of huge crows.
  • Visited a neighborhood called Shimokitazawa full of lots of small, very hip stores. Jason said it’s kind of the Brooklyn of Tokyo. There are vintage stores that seem to have some good deals, but also stores with a lot of insanely priced things. Our AirBnB host, Gee, later told us that this is where real people shop. 🙂
  • Wandered around Nakano Broadway, a sort of otaku shopping center. There were tons of shops with all kinds of things you could imagine someone collecting, and some things you probably couldn’t imagine. There was also a cafe that’s, I guess, co-owned by Takashi Murakami. And a 3D printing shop. Like Kinko’s but with 3D printers!! (and much smaller)
  • Dinner at Kanda, a 3-Michelin star Japanese restaurant. We knew we would never get in to Jiro’s place, so we looked at other options. Chef Kanda is considered to be in trifecta of amazing Tokyo Chefs with Jiro (and one other chef, of course). The meal was, in fact, amazing. I’ll post photos of that meal in another post.
  • Walked to Roppongi for some late night shopping at Don Quijote (we didn’t buy much – mostly KitKats, which I’ve written about in another post already).

Walking tally: Fitbit says I walked over 27k steps today, which is over 11.5 miles. That’s a total of almost 36 miles of walking for the trip so far.


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